About Telecommunications

Qew branding began in early 2009 with the establishment of Qew Communications Sdn Bhd and Qew Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd based in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and London. The company is fully owned by bumiputera with a mission and objective for business development up to the international level 

Qew Group Berhad (QGB) represents all companies under its umbrella with the aim of penetrating the global stock market through Public Issue Shares (IPO). At the beginning of Q1 2021 QGB has penetrated the open capital market by launching the RPS-I (Redeemable Preference Shares - Islamic) instrument with a fund of RM700 million which has been certified by the Malaysian Securities Commission (SC)

Our aspiration is to become a trusted regional communications entity, efficient, innovative and profit based growth. Qew Group has taken advantage of the revenue achieved through its subsidiaries aimed at expanding the business and pioneering a more competitive market.  



Providing the most comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure industry solutions. To become the most preferred worldclass infrastructure se​rvice provider in Malaysia.


Act proactively in improving service delivery and meeting customer expectations. Anticipate, understand, and meet telecommunications needs by developing, providing infrastructure support, and meeting technology needs.



Has a strategic communication plan and marketing group and its own techniques

Has its own funds for the construction of telecommunication projects

Have complete facilities to make the project a success

Have experience in the telecommunications industry and have the ability to complete tasks efficiently